AustralianCampsites.com.au was created in 2010 by two mates who had a passion for camping in the great outdoors. Each year they would continue to go back to the same campsites year after year and they were always on the lookout for a new adventure. They looked for those subtle signs, such as concealed pathways that people couldn’t generally see anymore, or the rusted sign to a camp ground that people had forgotten about, in the hope of discovering their own little piece of paradise.


After looking on the internet trying to find new and interesting places to visit, they found that getting all the information they wanted was a task in itself, often having to go to four or five different websites to find the information they wanted, or sometimes not finding it at all.


Now fast forward to 2010 and these two mates decided enough was enough and that the websites out there were not giving them the right sort of information they were after when trying to choose a campsite. As a result they decided it was time for them to build their own and give everyone the information they need to find a great campsite.

Since the day that they decided that they were going to build their own website, they have personally visited hundreds of campsites around Australia, some good and some quite poor, and have provided a rating and review for each campsite.

Each camping web page includes:

  • Facilities

  • Photos

  • Access

  • Best spot to camp

  • Number of camping spots

  • Best time of the year to go

  • Activities

  • The Vibe (Our unique way of rating each campsite - inspired by our favourite movie "The Castle")

  • An interactive map

  • Local weather details

So pack up the car, search for your campsite, and get out there and enjoy the amazing experience that is camping in the Australian outdoors.