Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of the most commonly asked questions we receive in relation to camping in Australia, campsites/campgrounds and other related topics.

Is it legal to camp in Australia?

Yes it is legal to camp in Australia but only at designated campgrounds or caravan parks. 

Is it free to camp in Australia?

Australia has some great free campgrounds however not all campgrounds are free. This website lists both free and low cost camping options.

Is camping safe in Australia?

Like anything camping has risks however in the most part camping is a safe activity for the whole family to participate in. Risks can be greatly reduced by camping in a designated campground and locking up any valuables if you leave the site for the day. Also making sure no food scraps are left out will reduce the risk of wildlife coming into your camp looking for food.

How much is camping in Australia?

Camping costs will vary greatly dependent upon where you decide to camp and what facilities are available. If you are camping on a budget this website has a great resource of free and low cost camping options. 

Is it legal to camp on the beach in Australia?

Camping on the beach will vary from state to state and sometimes local council to local council however as a general rule it is normally illegal to camp on the beach in Australia unless it is signposted as an authorised camping area.

Is it legal to camp in your car in Australia?

This is not a simple answer as although there is not currently any federal law against sleeping in your car each state and sometimes councils have different laws in relation to this. Our advice if you are thinking of sleeping in your car is to contact the local council prior to check whether you will be breaking any laws.

Can you camp in National Parks for free?

Camping in Australian National Parks will generally incur a fee. You are always best to check each parks regulations before camping.

How do you keep your tent safe?

Keep your tent safe by locking up any valuables in your car if you leave the site. Also make sure you keep you campsite clean and tidy, don't leave any food scraps around which will reduce the risk of wildlife coming into your camp looking for food.

Is wild camping legal in Australia?

Wild camping is illegal in Australia, there are many designated campsites located around the country in national, state and regional parks. 

Can I pitch a tent anywhere?

 No, is the short answer. Camping in Australia is only legal at designated campsites. If you decide to camp on private property you must first check with the owner of that property for permission first.

Can you take dogs camping?

Some campsite will permit dogs whilst others strictly prohibit dogs and other domestic animals. has done the hard work for you and have identified which campsites are pet friendly with a dog symbol on each specific camping page.

Can you take dogs in National Parks?

Unfortunately dogs are strictly prohibited from National Parks. This is to help protect the natural wildlife and vegetation.

Where can I go camping with my dog? has done the hard work for you and have identified which campsites are pet friendly with a dog symbol on each specific camping page.

How do I make a booking? is a great resource for finding new campgrounds that you may not have visited before however we are soley a resource and not a bookings page. The majority of the campgrounds on our website are on a first in basis so if you are travelling at peak times it's best to pick a larger campground to give yourself the best chance of securing a spot, even then it sometimes pays to have a back up option if your first pick is fully occupied.

Do you take camping tours?

No, we currently are not licenced to take camping tours.

Can you recommend an itinerary for me?

As each person idea of the perfect campground is different, depending on your tastes we don't recommend or create itineraries for campers. We do however have our map as a great resource to help you plan your camping adventure around our great country.