THE VIBE – 6.5 



Number of Campsites: 100+           Location: Victoria, Australia           Cost: Free           GPS Co-ordinates: -38.7617,143.379



Located in the Otway National Park on the south coast of Victoria, Johanna Beach is located just a minute drive from the small town of Johanna. Johanna Beach offers all the benefits of a camping ground on the coast, including swimming, fishing and surfing. This beach is often the replacement location for the Bells Beach Surf Pro when the waves are low at Bells.



The Johanna Beach camping ground is very easy to access. The camping ground is located 200m off the main road in the town of Johanna. The road into the camping ground is a sealed road so can easily be accessed by a two wheel drive and caravan. The Red Johanna Road should be travelled on to get to Johanna as this is a bit more reliable than the Blue Johanna Road.


Best Spot

The camping ground offers over one hundred individual campsites. All the campsites are very similar and there is no individual site that is more appealing than any other.



Johanna Beach1.JPG Johanna Beach10.JPG Johanna Beach11.JPG Johanna Beach2.JPG Johanna Beach3.JPG Johanna Beach4.JPG Johanna Beach6.JPG Johanna Beach7.JPG Johanna Beach8.JPG Johanna Beach9.JPG



Given the location of the Johanna Beach campground, it offers numerous activities. Activities available for campers include fishing, swimming and surfing in the ocean. There is no ability to launch watercraft from the campground as the only access to the beach is down a flight of stairs.


Best Time To Go

Given the campground is located near the beach, it is recommended that the campground is visited during the warmer months.



{mosmap width='500'|height='400'|lat='-38.7617'|lon='143.379'|zoom=12'|zoomType='Large'|zoomNew='0'|mapType='Default'|showMaptype='1'|overview='0'|text='|tooltip='Johanna Beach'|marker='1'|align='center'}