In summing up, it's the Constitution, it's Mabo, it's justice, it's law, it's the vibe, and, uh ... No, that's it.

It's the vibe.

[The Castle, Working Dog Productions]

Upon our very first visits to the campgrounds listed on this website, we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed a rating system to objectively compare each campground. The above inspirational quote sums up what we were looking to capture in our rating. You will find our "Vibe" rating at each campground page. In analysing the "Vibe, we have taken into account the following factors:


In relation to accessing the campground, we took into account the road into the campground from the main road. Every campground listed can be accessed using a two wheel drive, however some roads are much easier to travel on than others. We have also noted on each page if the campground can be accessed whilst towing a caravan.


Whether a campground is able to have a campfire is fundamental to the overall rating of the campground. We believed that having a campfire was an integral part of a good camping trip. This is a significant factor in our Vibe rating.


The gradient or slope of the surface where the tents are pitched, also rated highly in our rating system. A good night's sleep can make or break a good camping experience.


Going bush for a few days can be testing on some people. A pit toilet is often a significant factor in differentiating a campground from a patch of grass in the bush. Running water, either drinkable or non-drinkable, is also a useful commodity when establishing the quality of a campground.


The joys of sitting around a campfire reminiscing about the good old times, telling a few ghost stories, or even singing a few traditional camp songs, are often lost on some people. Being able to walk down to the beach or river to swim or fish can often attract the most disinterested of campers. In addition, walks and hikes also add to the value of a good campground.

Number of Sites

The thrill of turning up to a campground and getting a great spot, can put everyone in a good mood from the beginning. The number of areas that can accommodate a tent or caravan is very important in differentiating a good campground, from a great campground.


Those regular campers know what we mean when we talk about the serenity of a place. The really good campgrounds have it, the poor campgrounds will never have it. There is not one specific element that contributes to the serenity of a campground. The feeling you get when you finally arrive at your destination and you enter the campground, that's the serenity.