Number of Campsites: 20

Location: Victoria (VIC), Australia

GPS Co-ordinates: -37.49611,144.36083


Located in the Wombat State Forest in central Victoria, O'Briens Crossing is located in the beautiful Lerderderg Gorge. O'Briens Crossing offers all the benefits of a camping ground on the banks of a river, including swimming, and fishing.


The O'Briens Crossing camping ground is located 4km from the main road, with the turnoff approximately a 5km drive from Greendale. The track into the camping ground is quite good with sufficient access for 2WD's and caravans. The track to the camping ground is quite well signed.

Best Spot

The campground offers around twenty individual campsites with ample shade and sunny spots. All the campsites are very similar but the best spot is to the left of the road in. This area provides a bit more protection from the elements.

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Given the location of the O'Briens Crossing campground, it offers numerous activities. Activities available for campers include hiking, fishing and swimming in the gorge. The area is also very popular for 4WD enthusiasts and dirt bike riders.

Best Time To Go

Given the campground is located on the banks of the river, it is recommended that the campground is visited during the warmer months. The campground is subject to flooding in heavier rainfall periods given the location of the individual sites in relation tot he water level. The ground can also get very hard towards the latter half of summer.

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