THE VIBE – 6.5

Number of Campsites: 5-10

Location: South Australia (SA), Australia

GPS Co-ordinates: -34.1532,140.3313


Located on the Murray River in western South Australia, Heron Bend is located around a one minute drive from the historical Overland Corner hotel. Heron Bend offers all the benefits of a camping ground on a river, including swimming, fishing and boating.


The Heron Bend camping ground is very easy to access. The camping ground is located 1.8km from Overland Corner. The road into the camping ground is a 100m gravel road but can easily be accessed by a two wheel drive and caravan.

Best Spot

The campground offers around five to ten individual campsites. Even though all the campsites are very similar, anywhere along the river is the best spot.

DSC02695.JPG DSC02696.JPG DSC02698.JPG DSC02700.JPG DSC02701.JPG DSC02702.JPG


Given the location of the Heron Bend campground, it offers numerous activities. Activities available for campers include fishing, swimming and boating in the river. There is no dedicated boat ramp but river access allows for the launching of small watercraft.

Best Time To Go

Given the campground is located on the Murray river, it is recommended that the campground is visited during the warmer months.

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