THE VIBE – 5.5


No. of Campsites: 5

Location: New South Wales (NSW), Australia 

GPS: -35.427071, 149.713504


Located 100km east of Canberra in south east New South Wales, Bombay Reserve is located around a ten minute drive from the small town of Braidwood. Bombay Reserve offers all the benefits of a camping ground next to a river, including fishing and kayaking. The thing that lets this campground down is that there is limited camping spots for tents. It is recommended that it is only camped at using a small to mid sized caravan.


The Bombay Reserve camping ground is very easy to access. The camping ground is located 9km west of Braidwood along Bombay Road, with the turnoff north, approximately 200m west of the Shoalhaven River bridge. The road into the camping ground is a 100m gravel road but can easily be accessed by a two wheel drive and caravan.

Best Spot

The camping ground offers around five individual campsites. As mentioned, the campground doesn't provide great options for tents, so it is a matter of picking the best spot for your caravan.

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Given the location of the Bombay Reserve campground, it offers numerous activities. Activities available for campers include fishing and kayaking in the river, however swimming and boating is advised against.

Best Time To Go

Although the campground is located near the river, there is really no "Best Time" to visit this location.

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